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Auto Repair & Garages

Owning a small garage or auto repair shop can present itself with a unique variety of risks. Injuries, mistakes, or property damage could result in lawsuits against you and your company. Having adequate insurance can protect you and your company against these lawsuits and keep your operations afloat in the midst of accidents.



Through Oxford Millin’s Auto Shop Program, you can rest assured that every aspect of your business is covered with:


  • Business Owner’s Insurance

  • Worker’s Compentsation Insurance

  • Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance



In addition to the typical Auto Shop Program, some businesses might require additional coverages based on the type of work that they specialize in. Some of the additional coverages include:


  • Tow Truck Insurance

  • Body Shop Insurance

  • Repair Shop Insurance

  • Muffler Shop Insurance

  • Radiator Services Insurance

  • Transmission Shop Insurance


Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance


Towing businesses and service stations might need to carry Garagekeepers Legal Liability insurance to protect customers' vehicles while they're being held or worked on.


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Get a quote by calling us at 631-434-6666 (NY) or 215-517-7590 (PA) and learn more about garage insurance through Oxford Millin’s Auto Shop Program.

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