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Church Outreach & Growth: Extra Services AME Churches Receive from Oxford Millin

Oxford Millin is proud to provide many free programs that churches and religious institutions can provide to their members free of charge. These can be used in a variety of ways, as an added benefit to existing members, or to grow your community through outreach programs.


Free Programs Exclusively Available for AME Churches

The “ABC’s” of Medicare Benefits:

  • We can provide guidance to your members through our “ABC’s of Medicare” program, which will help your members find out if they’re getting all of the benefits they can, and what to do if your members aren’t receiving what they should.

What is Medicaid, and How Do I Qualify?

  • Give your members peace of mind with our guidance on Medicaid benefits and qualifications. These programs can be confusing and complicated, and Oxford Millin is here to help simplify them for you.

How Medicaid and Medicare Work Together

  • We’ll help you identify missing benefits from Medicaid and Medicare and ensure your members are getting the most from the programs. If there are benefits they are missing, we’ll ensure you have ways to get access to them.

Legacy Planning Programs

  • Rest easy knowing that the next generation is set up for success. Our legacy planning program can help provide guidance for legacy planning for your children, grandchildren, and church.

Each or any of these programs can be offered during your institution’s Sunday school hour, Wednesday evenings, or any time you’re performing outreach to the local community.

Giving back to Congregation Members

If you want to provide more to your congregation members for their service and tithes, we have a variety of benefits you can provide to them for free, just for being an Oxford Millin Member.

Here are a few ways Oxford Millin can help you give back:

  • Use our free prescription discount program, which offers 40% lower copays than GoodRX on over 100 common prescriptions. This program includes an easy-to-use phone app to fill your members' prescriptions when needed, passing the savings on to them. Plus, they’ll never need to worry about finding coupons again to get these special discounts.

  • Our life insurance program is specially designed to help those struggling with diabetes, including:

    • No exam requirement for benefits up to $400,000.

    • Exclusive benefits for diabetics not normally available with traditional life insurance programs.

    • Fast underwriting so you can benefit right away.

    • Available for anyone ages 18 to 80, unlike common life insurance programs.

Each of these can be offered for free as a part of Oxford Millin’s commitment to aiding AME churches grow and keep your members healthy and happy.


If you’re interested in providing any or all of these programs to your members, call Roy Klauber in Beaufort, SC at (717) 880-0603.


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