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General Liability Insurance

With the typical day-to-day risks that are associated with running a business, Liability Insurance is vital to protecting your business and other assets. General liability (GL) insurance (also known as Business Liability Insurance or Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance) protects you in the event that an injury or property damage occurs to others as a result of your business's operations.


Some common coverages that are provided under General Liability Insurance include:


  • Property Damage - covers damage to property that you are legally liable for (including rented property).

  • Bodily Injury - provides coverage for injuries to persons for which you are legally liable.

  • Medical Payments - covers bodily injury that occurs during the course of your business operations.

  • Defense Costs - pays for costs associated with lawsuits against your company (regardless of fault)

  • Personal & Advertising Injury - covers claims of slander and libel that are not part of your professional services.

  • Professional Liability - also called Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance, protects your business if you are sued for negligence, even if you haven’t made a mistake.

  • Products and Completed Operations - protects you if a person could seek compensation from you on the basis that a product you made or sold is defective, and that it injured that person or damaged that person's property.

  • Employment Practices Liability - can protect you should you be accused of wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, and other employment-related offenses.


  • Cyber Liability & Data Breach - can help provide you with legal and forensic assistance, as well as free data security risk management services for your customers



In today's environment, more and more businesses are finding themselves on the receiving end of lawsuits. Having adequate liability insurance can help to protect you and your business should a suit ever happen to you.



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