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Builder's Risk Insurance

Understanding how to protect a building undergoing construction can be overwhelming. The risks are constantly changing as construction progresses, right through completion. That's why Oxford's insurance specialists are trained and ready to help you through the process in a way that's easy to understand. 



Builder’s Risk Insurance from Oxford does more than just cover construction materials; its protection is designed to cover everything from heavy machinery and equipment, to labor costs and earned profits... which means we’ll help replace your income, as well as your expenses.


Coverage That Progresses With The Project


Oxford can help to cover temporary structures, cribbing, falsework, fencing, scaffolding, construction signs, even trees, shrubs, sod and plants. Your policy can even help pay for debris removal. damage from defective workmanship, materials and design. And rather than value your loss based on actual cash value, we do it based on replacement costs.



See What You Could Save


Get a quote by calling us at 631-434-6666 (NY) or 215-517-7590 (PA) and learn more about Builder's Risk Insurance  through Oxford.

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