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Personal Package Policies

Having one policy means the convenience of only one bill and getting enhanced protection for you and your possessions. With a Personal Package Policy  through Oxford Millin, you can combine your auto, home and other coverages so that everything is covered under one comprehensive policy.


Some of the common Package Policy "perks" include:


  • Money-saving discounts for combining your protections

  • More coverages, both standard and optional, so you can get complete protection that fits your lifestyle

  • Collectible coverage may be available for things like coin collections, a Hummel collection, sports cards and more.

  • Higher limits on jewelry, silverware and watercraft may be offered.

  • A "blanket" property limit that adds flexibility in the case of a loss


We can start now with just your auto or home and then "package" the other coverages when your current policy expires.



See How Much You Can Save


The Personal Package Policy is one that is unique and may offer you better coverages for a better value. Find out today how Oxford Millin can help you maximize all of your important insurance coverages in one, convenient policy.

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