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Restaurants & Fine Dining

Running a restaurant is challenging enough, you shouldn't have to worry about things like lawsuits, property damage or loss of income disrupting your routine. Oxford Millin's Restaurant & Hospitality Program  provides you with the proper coverages for your business so that you can stop worrying about accidents and concentrate on your food and customers.


Restaurants and Fine Dining Establishments are unique because you often have multiple processes working simultaneously to keep your business running smoothly. Some of the coverages available through Oxford Millin's Restaurant & Hospitality Program include:


  • General Liability Insurance

  • Worker’s Comp Insurance

  • Property Coverage

  • Identity Theft Insurance

  • Valuable Papers Coverage

  • Loss of Income Insurance


Who Needs Restaurant Insurance?


All restaurants and food related businesses should have some type of restaurant insurance to stay protected. Examples of the different types of restaurant insurance we offer to food businesses include:


  • Bars

  • Cafés

  • Cafeterias

  • Catering Services

  • Diners

  • Delis

  • Food Delivery Services

  • Fast Food Establishments

  • Pizzerias

  • Lounges


Some restaurants require specialized coverages and laws can vary by state. We can make sure that you're familiar with the local rules and regulations of where you work.



Auto Insurance for Restaurants


We provide all types of restaurant vehicle insurance including:


  • Food Truck Insurance

  • Van Insurance

  • Pickup Truck Insurance

  • Box Truck Insurance

  • Business Auto Insurance

  • Commercial Trailer Insurance



See What You Could Save


Get a quote by calling us at 631-434-6666 (NY) or 215-517-7590 (PA) and learning more about restaurant insurance through Oxford Millin’s Restaurant & Hospitality Program.

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